Industrial Storage Tank Repairs

Econo Seal is the Trusted Choice For Industrial Storage Tank Repair

Leak Sealing

Every power plant or chemical plant priority is to stay on-line. Econo Seal can assist sealing leaks on-line, on-site, and in a timely manner.


Getting a high-performing, protective coatings system is Econo Seals Speciality. Econo Seal provides protection to all of your assets.

Hot Tapping

Econo-Seal provides trained professionals that practice safety along with being trained and certified in hot tapping operations. 

Line Stops

Our Line Stopping services prevent unwanted shutdowns and keep critical piping and pipeline systems online during critical times. 

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Industrial Tank Repair Is Our Specialty

Econo Seal specializes in industrial coatings for any size company looking for a full-service provider.   Our reputation for being a reliable company has paved our way to success across the Midwest when you are looking for storage tank repair and maintenance.  Our certified specialists provide our clients with the quality and dependability our customers have grown to expect.