Lateral Transfer Matt

In regular hospital routine and practice, patients are often moved from one surface to another during their treatment. To prevent the risk of injury to the patients still receiving treatment, medical facilities now rely so much on lateral transfer mattress. It’s a relatively new technology that disrupts medical practice due to the ease and comfortability it affords medical staff. It was borne out of the air-assist technology that makes mobility very easy. This is where the lateral transfer matt by SPH Medical comes into play. The Lateral Transfer Matt can help reduce injuries to staff and patients.

The Subtle Occupational Hazard

But nurses and other worker sets could also suffer an injury during a transfer. When we mention the occupational hazards common in the hospital environment, we mostly think about nurses accidentally contracting a dangerous contagion while treating patients. However, there is more beyond this. According to 2016 findings, nurses suffer more workplace injuries than construction workers.

A Review of our ultra-gentle lateral transfer matt for patients

These injuries (mostly chronic back pain and other musculoskeletal issues) are tricky as they accumulate from years of transferring patients from one place to another. Air transfer mattress is one of the top Patient transfer products to address the challenge. But conducting lateral transfers doesn’t eliminate these challenges and may even cause more injuries, especially if you don’t buy the quality product. When you buy ours, we offer you the best of the best lateral transfer experience ever. Below is a review of our Lateral transfer matt, there features, and technical specs. Our products share the same features in durability, ergonomic design, infection control, skin integrity, saniliners, radiolucency, etc.

  • EasyGlide 5020

It’s mainly designed for patients that require limited care. It is most suited for rough surfaces, as it reduces the friction on both shoulders and hip.

Our EasyGlide lateral transfer device is straightforward to use for lateral transfer. It’s a strong polyethylene product, equipped with a board that helps transfer sitting patients from wheelchairs to beds, toilets, car seats, and many other seated positions. Its most outstanding feature is its suitability for leveling out height differences. It’s very flexible and comes in different sizes and colors. Other features include the following.

  • Smooth top surface;
  • Anti-slip protection on the underside;
  • Its flexibility and foldable build to secure clothing from the wheelchair’s wheels;
  • The EasySlide disposable model is more environmentally friendly and helps prevent the spread of infection, etc.

Airpal Transfer pads

This consists of Our N series and L Series of transfer products, made from a top of the line material, treated with a bacteria coating, augmented with a waterproof and vapor-permeable urethane inner coating. Like the EasyGlide types, we offer this product in different sizes to fit various surfaces and patient body build sizes. Apart from its anti-infection and anti-static properties, it’s designed with the following technical specs that make it unrivaled in the lateral transfer matt products.

  • 018N: 18″ wide for narrow surfaces
  • 024N: 24″ wide
  • 026N: 26″ wide
  • 028N: 28″ wide – most common size
  • 032N: 32″ wide for use on larger patients
  • 034N: 34″ wide
  • 039N: 39″ wide for use with bariatric patients
  • MAGNA-050N: Special pad for the largest bariatric patients – 2 Air Supplies recommended

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