Epidural Positioning Chair

Some painful medical procedures, especially surgery and child labor, are facilitated by injecting anesthetic substances or epidural analgesia in the lower part of the back. And this is done through the insertion of a needle and catheter, which is then retained throughout the whole procedure to administer pain relievers for as long as the medical operation lasts. This procedure, which was first identified as far back as 1921 by Fidel Pagés surrounding, got its name from the spinal cord's epidural region. But it was not until about twenty years ago that it became widely used.

The Revolution in the Childbirth Delivery Process

Child labor is very painful. No wonder epidural procedure remains a prevalent procedure. In 2018, seventy-one percent of pregnant women underwent the procedure. But this process is very delicate as the needle must not go too far into puncturing the dura mater of the spine. This could lead to severe complications. Usually, the patient is either lying on the bed or seated. To facilitate the kind of steady posture needed during and after this process, doctors or anesthesiologists rely on many important devices. One of them is the Epidural Positioning chair, also known as the EPD.

A Review of our Epidural Positioning Chairs

It is an innovative m device for positioning patients safely and securely during this procedure. It also keeps the patients comfortable, safe, and secure, offers protection and comfortability and is easy to handle by nurses and other medical staff. The ideal brand is usually a manual epidural positioning device with stand and required specification and features such as easy mobility, low maintenance, C-Arm friendliness. Buying a product that meets all these specs can be difficult. At SPH Medical, we sell quality epidural positioning chairs. Here's a review of some of our products, their features, specs, and pricing.

The traditional Epidural Positioning Chair

With our traditional positioning chair, the medical staff realizes that they became more efficient in operating rooms. It's valuable in labor and delivery suites, pain centers, and any other facility where the epidural procedure gets underway.

It meets the best technical requirements and LDS and EPD specifications such as:

  • It reduces strain and injury risk to staff,
  • It provides patient comfort with less invasion of their personal space compared to traditional positioning methods,
  • It facilitates correct patient positioning by encouraging cervical, thoracic, and lumbar flexion to maintain a solid and stable position,
  • 180° Adjustable Face Rest and ability to tilt and maintain proper cervical flexion,
  • 6 Position Adjustable Armrest,
  • Adjustable range from floor 32″- 43.”
  • Adjustable Torso Support,
  • Increase lumbar and thoracic flexion with easy adjustments; chest support immobilizes back,
  • High-Quality Casters; etc

The Electronic Epidural Position Chair

Our Electric Epidural Positioning Device is an electric device for positioning patients safely and securely during epidural procedures. It has the barest basic utility as the traditional EPD. The following added features make it a revolutionary presence inside operating rooms, labor and delivery suites, pain centers, and any other facility where epidurals are performed.

  • 180° Adjustable Face Rest
  • Adjustable Armrest
  • Adjustable Torso Support
  • It increases lumbar and thoracic flexion with simple adjustments
  • It has an easy to use ergonomic hand control with a convenient hanger.
  • High rechargeable Battery capacity that lasts up to 100 cycles.
  • High-Quality Casters: etc.

Generally, SPH Medical has a customized Return on Investment Analysis for your hospital as part of the Hospital Risk Assessment. To know about these devices' cost that medical personnel and patients equally find comfortable and indispensable in the delivery room today, contact SPH Medical for the best medical products: (844) 377-4633.

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