Coatings & Composites

Coatings & Composites

Coatings Solutions For Protection

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We provide the list of repair work:

  • Concrete Repair work
  • Tank Linings
  • Tank Repair work
  • Pipeline Support
  • Secondary Containment
  • Chilling Towers
  • Sump Pits

Step 1: Classify Application

We use 3 broad categories in this step to classify the type: • Dry Conditions (such as columns). • Condensing Vapors/Splash (such as walls, roof surfaces). • Continuous Immersion (such as tanks).

Step 2: Physical Constraints

Each application is constrained by temperature extremes, acidic versus alkaline chemistry, abrasion, and other exposures. Each of these must be defined and used to select materials

Step 3: Economic Constraints

The solution must fit the life cycle needed, costs must be aligned with benefits and budgets